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28.05.2018 09:49 angrist

I was hungry while I was playing basketball in the gym. I remember how surprised I was when I looked at the package and saw that it was a protein bar. If you are going to gym after work, have 1 of these and experience feeling of firmness. By the way, it is also good while cycling. If you catch discount , stock it.

21.05.2018 12:19 cryptist

If you are into sports, eat this protein bar, instead of chocolate. It is much healthier and more delicious.

16.05.2018 13:57 demagojist

I always keep 1 Uniq2go in my car. It is good for the ones’ who are tired after basketball match. I would recommend the power almond one.

17.05.2018 22:03 bugungunlerdendenisyan

It is the protein bar that helps me to refresh myself after intensive activities.

Eat it instead of 2 chocolates. It will help you to fulfill protein need and desire for sweet

19.05.2018 13:08 ozkhan

I eat this chocolateish thing when I am studying for exams. It keeps me full. I don’t need to spend time with a full meal. I save time. Also helps me satisfy my dessert demand. And thanks to it protein ratio, I feel happy by supporting my sexy and muscular body.


Exercise to eat? Eat to exercise? Or exercise to eat Uniq2go at the end!

Melis Zorgör / Dietitian

Uniq2go improves your performance. It contains whey & kazein protein. It has nothing i iceriyor not natural. 1 pack of uniq2go contains 10-14 gr protein.


So long as there was a date (I never liked it) I was distant, but I do not taste dates. If I come to the office without breakfast in the morning, it prevents me from eating nonsense things and saves the day.

Pınar Tural

My snack for 220 calorie ( 60 calorie latte + 160 calorie protein bar ) ara öğünüm ** My snack is 220 calorie ** #starbucks #uniq2go #splenda #latte #nutrition #diet #yumyum #he


The taste is splendid, if you microwave it better than brownie. also keeps you satiated!

I believe miracles

I missed breakfast. Instead bagels, tosts, I choosed Uniq2go *** pikupiku pikaçu *** %100 doğal Protein Bar #Uniq2go

Damla Özcan

Uniq2go is the only dessert that does not effect my insulin

Merve Tığlı Çınar / Dietitian

Tried, enjoyed, recomment.

Eda Ağıllı / Dietitian

I recomment Uniq2go protein bar. Do not miss to enjoy dessert during your wieght loss diet. It is a good chocolate alternative with high protein content.


I tried Uniq2go protein bar after exercising today. I like the taste. Keeps keeps you satiated!

Ebru Tatar

Must have!

Alp Başat Buket

I was just about to say ‘make something non sugar added’ but you already did it, you are great.

Ebru Feyizoğlu

Half bar & pomegranate after plank #bülenthoca #sençokyaşa #herdersigüzel #neşe #joy #uniq2go #proteinbar #pomegranate #afterplank #powerfull #istanbul #sports #health #women #monday #sporadoyamadımbugün

Melih Pöge

For sure after run #uniq2go

Özge Yılmaz

yummy and healthy #uniq2go#workout#before#after#yummy#healthy#morning#goodmorning

Ayşe Yılmaz / Psychologist

It is a product that I would recomment for the ones on weight loss diet. It helps you to fulfill protein need.

Murat TALİ / Yazar – İndigo Dergisi

I tried Unique Choco Dark. It is a great solution for sweet desire. It is a life saver.

Neşe Nurten Turgay / Accounting Manager

I love dessert. I can fulfill my dessert need with Uniq2go during diet. It also keeps satiated!

Deniz Bengisu

I just want to stay in the moment. Just one word ‘SPLENDID’ taste. There are plenty of almond pieces in a wonderfully fuller flavor with plenty of chocolate flavor, which is incredibly satisfying.

tubaauditiva – 18.04.2017 20:24

If you are looking for something that answers your chocolate / sweet crisis, tastes good, and also makes you full, I recomment you to try it. It is also hard to believe that 50 gr little thing, can keep you that much full.

princess of the anatolia – 18.03.2017 21:33

It is a product that I tried first time today. I bought chocodark from Migros. I wasn't expectine that much. I felt in love. It is such so excellent. It is ideal for the ones' that are on diet just like me to answer chocolate and sweet crisis.  I will also try as a snack between meals. For sure not everyday.

english nymphe – 29.10.2016 18:00

%99 of time, I dont have dinner. I might have hunger feeling  %1 times but the mint flavored one, is like a dinner. With 11gr protein content, it also get + points from us.

gerdan berquito – 28.09.2016 16:42

It's very good  for those who go to work without breakfast.

10.06.2018 11:50 tubaauditiva

It is the most satisfying and delicious one in these type of 100% natural, additive-free, sugar-free bars.

I ordered from the website because it was so convenient. I had a difficulty because of my incompetence while ordering, I called them, they sorted out the problem immediately. I received my order after 1-1.5 days with and complimentary try included.

note: we do not always write about complaints. I also need to talk about positive things.