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National Water Day

Water; the most precious treasure.
In order to understand its value, perhaps we need to pay attention to the population who do not have access to clean water and lose lives because of serious diseases lack of clean water that we can easily access by just opening the tap. March 22 World Water Day. We need to pay attention of consumption of clean water which is necessary for our health. We need to sustain our resources today and everyday


  • * Contains high nutrition value
  • * Prevent aging
  • * Antioxidant (especially when kept cold)
  • * Prevent from many types of cancer diseases
  • * Contains 15 different minerals and vitamin C, B1, B2, A.
  • * Strengths the immune system
  • * Destroys cholesterol
  • * High fiber
  • * Helps to control diabetes
  • * Supports weight loosing diets





Other Benefits

  • * Consumption of 2 dates with an empty stomach can pourer intestinal parasites.
  • * Helps to eliminate indigestion problem.
  • * Prevents from reduce nausea during pregnancy.
  • * Supports weight control.
  • * Prevents from cardiovascular problems.
  • * Reduces the cancer risk
  • * Protects your eyesight.
  • * Helps excretion of toxins
  • * Supports bone development for kids.
  • * Good for flue.
  • * Reduces stress.